Hurricane Sandy Information

October 28th, 2012

Boston University is taking every precaution necessary given the threat of Hurricane Sandy. University wide planning started last week, and is in full force as the storm approaches. Because of the storm, classes are canceled on the Charles River Campus on Monday, October 29, 2012. An update about Tuesday’s classes will be given around 8pm on Monday.

The University will update students about the storm via several sources: BU Today, BU Alert texts and calls and University wide emails. The Dean Elmore, BU FYI and BU Tweets Twitter accounts will also update students as needed.

For more information on the storm, we recommend turning to local news channels or your preferred weather news sources. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a Sandy update page, and the National Weather Service has constant updates on the storm’s status.

Both Dining Services, Residence Life and Facilities Management and Planning have prepared for the storm on campus. Students who live on campus have received communication from Residence Life about preparations and resources. The email that on-campus students received is posted below.

If you live off-campus, make sure you are prepared by having bottled water, flashlights and non-perishable food.


Email sent to all students who live on campus on Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dear Resident Student:

You are likely aware that Hurricane Sandy is moving northward in the Atlantic Ocean and is expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain to the Middle Atlantic states and parts of New England.  In the Boston area, we expect wind and rain tomorrow.

University personnel are prepared to deal with problems from the storm that may include water damage or power outages.  We expect there may be leaks into some student accommodations, and we ask that you take precautionary steps to protect your belongings from water damage.  Specifically, you should close and lock your windows when it is raining; remove electronics and books from window sills, bookshelves, and the window wall; and take items that could sustain water damage (e.g., shoes, clothes) off of the floor.

The University will closely monitor the situation and will provide updated information on BU Today ( or the BU Alert emergency notification system, if the situation warrants.  Please check BU Today regularly for information and updates, including any decisions that may be made this evening or tomorrow morning about the status of classes.  The University’s current plan is for classes to meet and offices to maintain regular business hours tomorrow.

Also, we need to hear from you as soon as possible if water enters your accommodations.  You may inform your local Residence Life office (hours: 9 am to

5 pm, Monday to Friday, and 7 pm to 12 midnight, seven days a week) or call the Facilities Management control desk at 617-353-2105.  The control desk is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Additional maintenance staff will be on duty throughout the storm to assist students.

If water enters your accommodations and damages any personal property, you should follow these steps:

1.  Conduct an inventory of the damaged property and hold on to the property (do not discard it);

2.  Complete a Student Property Damage / Loss Claim Form from the University’s Risk Management website (;

3.  Visit your local Residence Life office to obtain your Residence Hall Director’s or Area Director’s signature on the form.

Your Residence Hall Director or Area Director will submit the completed form on your behalf to Risk Management for review.  Be sure to request a copy of your completed Student Property Damage / Loss Claim Form for your own records.

Should you lose power in your residence during the storm, a flashlight is your best source of light.  Candles pose a fire safety risk and are prohibited in the student residences.  If you need a flashlight during a power outage, please see your resident assistant (RA) or the RA on-call; RAs have access to a limited supply in the hall and area Residence Life offices.

Lastly, we ask that all the members of the University community exercise caution in their travels – whether on- or off-campus – and good judgment to ensure their personal safety.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


David Zamojski

Assistant Dean of Students

& Director of Residence Life


Marc Robillard

Executive Director, BU Housing and Dining


71 Comments on Hurricane Sandy Information

  • As an RA, I am particularly concerned with the magnitude of this storm. It is highly inappropriate to ask thousands of students to put themselves at risk walk through this weather. In addition, to ask faculty to commute from places as far as NH and RH in the middle of a hurricane that has prompted the a “State of Emergency” is downright criminal. I am confidant BU will make the right decision and cancel classes and activities in the interest of safety.

  • With the high likelihood of public transit being shut down, local roads flooding, and electricity being down, it is incomprehensible that the school isn’t canceling classes and expects students to commute in 60mph winds. This isn’t an inch or two of snow we’re talking about, this is flying debris. What are the priorities here? Where is the concern for student safety? Or even the safety of the faculty?

  • I have not missed a class yet, but I will not be walking from west campus tomorrow in a hurricane because someone has decided not to cancel classes.

  • Dear administration:
    I am a junior student in CAS.
    I don’t know why I didn’t receive any email from BU. I am a international student, and I have never experienced any hurricane in my life. And I even don’t know what should I do to keep safe at this very time. I don’t want to take any risk. I am here in USA for studying physics, I don’t want to go to class for 1 day or at most 2 days at the expense of getting hurt or even my life.
    I even don’t expect you administration to officially cancel the class, because I will definitely not going to class if I find the weather is not good tomorrow when I wake up. But at least, there should be an email telling us what to do, not a website. Besides, I can’t even see this information if my roommates didn’t tell me this. Imagining a student who is preparing hard for his/her midterms that he/she even don’t have time to watch the news, he/she might even know NOTHING about this terrible hurricane, because you didn’t tell him/her!
    Shame on you BU. You are an expansive private school, you SHOULD do much better than this. I don’t know whether my parents in China will feel really hurt if they knew they pay so much money every year for a reputed college which don’t even care the students’ safety.

  • It is such a poor choice!!!!!! University should be concerned about our safety.

  • Is there nothing we can do about this? I am alone from home and my family in a big city full of strangers–the least the school could do is let us all know what is going on. I’ve had to search hard for the right information, and I am shocked to hear that we will still be expected to attend classes tomorrow. Isn’t our safety more important than one day of class? We shouldn’t be penalized for taking care of our bodies and making sure we are safe. This is ridiculous.

  • The governor just said that all non-essential personnel should remain home and urged private agencies to issue the same order to their employees.

    So BU, this means that classes should be cancelled. Professors, other faculty and staff, should be able to stay home and stay safe. Students should, of course, remain in their dorms as well.

    This storm is obviously NOT common and the university needs to step up and recognize that.

  • this is pretty ridiculous. Not only do the students have to go to classes in this weather, the professors (and the off-campus students) will have to commute in a frickin hurricane. This administration…

  • This is quite an irresponsible decision by the administration; it’s almost as if none of the playcallers have even watched a weather report in the last two weeks.

  • This is unacceptable, and BU needs to cancel classes simply on the basis that many off-campus students who walk long distances or rely on public transportation will not be able to make it to campus.

  • This is absurd to make us endure these conditions for the sake of convenience. Our safety ought to come first.

    Not only this, BU’s administration should be ASHAMED about how students are being informed about the situation. Half of us literally have no idea what’s going on on Monday. Why wasn’t there a mass-message sent out? BU Today is NOT AN ADEQUATE MEDIUM to inform us about what is going on. Why isn’t there even a posting on the front page of Why weren’t we emailed from the administration itself?

    The most you guys have said is “Good luck with the storm. Oh, by the way, you still have class.”

    The governor has already asked that all schools in Massachusetts close for Monday. Why are we still going to be open? BU’s campus is big enough that even getting to class, without delays mind you, that there are going to be some serious problems.

  • BU should definitely reevaluate their decision to not take immediate action because of the storm. If public schools are closing and even the MBTA, then BU should take those facts into consideration…keeping in mind that many students (especially upperclass students who live off campus) rely on the T or bus to get to class. That would leave them at an unfair academic advantage than other students, if they are behind or get penalized for lack of attendance.

  • The administration should be ashamed of itself.

    Many students, including me, are not used to storms like this one. It goes without saying that with 60 MPH winds forecasted for tuesday, many projectiles will fly around and could be dangerous. Besides, if other cities are taking this hurricane seriously, it means that they have a reason to do so …

    This is ridiculous. Saving money instead of saving lives

  • Awwww Why BU hate us?

  • With state of emergency in effect, the school should close for a day. Well, BU has insurance covering the safety of professors and students. If my daughter is injured from indirect causes from Sandy tomorrow, I will consider of suing Boston University – from ignoring the state of emergency warning and put my daughter’s life in jeopardy.

  • Close school on Tuesday – not tomorrow. Tuesday is supposed to be worse.

  • As a student at Boston University, I would find it disrespectful to expect thousands of students, many who have never experienced a hurricane before, to be expected to walk long distances during inclement weather. To weigh the benefit of a few hours of learning over the health and safety of thousands of students and faculty, while also going against the advice of Massachusetts’ Governor would look unsavory.

    I myself, will not be attending classes. I do not expect the T to be running on time or at all and my commute is nearly 2 miles. I think I will be one of hundreds, if not thousands, doing the same so why punish us for taking the recommended precautions?

  • My lights just went out for 4 seconds here in Newton . The storm has not even started yet. This is “common” , right?

  • I can’t believe Boston University and this administration. I have all day class tomorrow and I am expected by BU to make it to class in a hurricane. I honestly can’t comprehend this. I hope the administration will realize that students and probably professors don’t necessarily live close to campus and requiring students and staff to attend the university during this hurricane will most likely cause more safety issues and congestion for the City of Boston. I have never experienced a hurricane before and I hope I don’t have to try and make it through one just to have my name checked off on the attendance sheet so I don’t get docked a grade. Again, administration this is ridiculous, I’m paying a ton of money to attend your university, but I also don’t want to make it through a hurricane to get there. Use your heads.

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    All of BU students need to stay away from their classes on Monday, October 29, 2012 due to a horrific weather prognosis.

    Please do take this hurricane Sandy really seriously, and cancel all of the classes; otherwise, I would be forced to contact directly a mayor or President Obama to give you a direct order to keep all of your students, professors, and staff safe. All of them need to stay safe during this epic hurricane Sandy; moreover, please, do inform BU students directly, what to do during upcoming life threatening situation to stay safe and alive.

    Thank you for your prompt response to my email.


  • Will school be closed on Tuesday?…. please don’t tell me BU is going to make us go to class when the weather is supposed to be worse…

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