Your Presence Is Needed

September 19th, 2012

I hope you realize that you are powerful. Particularly, when you are hanging out with your peeps.

Much more than the old heads, you’re in and around a variety of social settings – house parties, clubs, bars, and impromptu gatherings – where there can be great socializing.

This video is the best push I’ve seen for the notion that you’re not just in the room, but that your presence – within your circles and at gatherings with others – can and does make a difference when it comes to the issue of sexual assault and other ways that folks have been mistreated, abused, humiliated, and victimized (for the full effect you’ve got to watch this to the end — it can be difficult to watch as it involves a sexual assault):

I dig how this gives us tools to be more “present” in our social settings.  It painfully pulls apart and reflects on elements of our social settings where we might be passing by, from on-lookers, or bystanders to threatening and unacceptable behavior that leads to other people in our presence being harmed. It even gives a lesson in the right moves and phrases to be involved without being too confrontational – real finesse.

To explore these issue more, or for some good assistance check in with the folks at our Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Center.

Love how over the loud music and voices, this video screams to all of us, “Don’t play small!” We matter. We make a difference. This video reminds me that anyone can be an influencer around here –stay confident within the social settings you encounter.


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  • Powerful post and awesome video, albeit difficult to watch. We’ve gotta keep finding interesting ways to empower people to watch out for each other – that’s the true measure of community. Rather than lecture, the video in your post, and your words, set an example, offer solutions, and give hope and encouragement to everyone present in the scene. No doubt this post will have an impact on some folks – maybe even prevent a tragedy. And for that, thank you.

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