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September 12th, 2012


We at the Dean of Students Office want to make it our mission to encourage the students of Boston University to vote this November.  Each of us has a voice in this election, and you can make that voice heard by casting a ballot. If you want to be a part of choosing the direction of the country, then you’ve got a date with democracy on November 6th. Beforehand, you’ll need to register. If your print quota is getting you down, feel free to stop into the Dean of Students Office on the third floor of the George Sherman Union for a registration form (we will even mail it for you). Check out the links below for information on registering to vote, absentee ballots, and the election:

  • To register to vote, click here or here (Note: Most states require you to register about 30 days before the election, so don’t wait).
  • Check your voter status here.
  • Reading this from another continent? Students studying abroad can still cast their vote!
  • Click here for an absentee ballot.

We want to give a shoutout to Massachusetts, a place many of you consider home. It’s also a place you can register to vote in. As Boston University students, you are all residents of Massachusetts and are directly affected by the elected officials. Below are links to some websites with information regarding voting in MA:

Finally, we challenge you to participate in MTV’s Fantasy Election. We have created a Boston University league where you can enter and make your own dream team for the upcoming election. Visit MTV’s Fantasy Election and search for “Boston University Votes” to get started in the competition.

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With this information, your date with Lady Liberty (or Dude Democracy) is bound to be successful. So get out there–register, spread the word, learn about the issues, and make a difference this November.

And, of course we have a playlist for your election decisions.

Thanks Jennifer and Miles for putting this post together.

7 Comments on Register to Vote

  • Very helpful….thank you for the info

  • Woot! First presidential election! Thanks Dean!

  • Debra Cleaver from Long Distance Voter here. You guys should also check out, our website specifically geared toward college students. You guys can register to vote at school or back home – the site will tell you where your vote counts more.

    Happy voting!

  • This is so informative! Just checked my voter status.

  • Does anyone know how to have BU send me a letter to verify my address? I live off campus in Brookline and don’t have any verification of address and need one to register here.

  • Hi David –

    You can contact the Registrar’s office ( to receive an address verification.

    Let the Dean of Students Office know if you have any questions.



  • When did DOS send out the filled out forms?

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