The Apparently Terrible Corporate Affair I Can’t Wait to Check Out – Again

August 2nd, 2012


Visa Olympics: Go World—Derek Redmond from Kirsten Stewart on Vimeo.

I’m that guy who gets caught up in the Olympic pause-for-peace hype. Just when I get my people-of-the-world-unite-through-sports groove, I also get caught up on the cash-money hustle of this world sport game – fashion faux pas, copyright police, anemic storytelling, and incivility. And, I’m still clockin’.

These are the games that are supposed to inspire a generation. Despite the hype and hoopla, perhaps a we can stop and be inspired about how we come together – as people of the world – to be interesting to each other and to do what Sebastian Coe said in his remarks during the opening of the games – celebrate what is best about mankind.

Seems like we’ve got it covered when it comes to productivity and sports. Hoping that when we get together – with zeal for all the people on the planet – every four years (or every two, if you count the futbol matches) that we can sit down and think. Think about the success of nations, beyond sports. I’m offering a few items for the biennial convo agenda:

  • Exports on security
  • Peace Tariffs
  • Getting in step with what it means to do global thinking
  • Relief to cities for engaging young people
  • Job creation strategies
  • Health
  • Working with the migration that will happen
  • Improving ways that our societies deal with the Other

I know this is supposed to be the work of the Nations United, but let’s wake up.  We all wish we could have the tone, juice, and swagger of the Earth Games. I’m just hoping for a chance to support world communities – us – to build on our own and to not wait for the professional legislators to mandate our uplift.

Is there time to get together in 2014?

Go World!

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