New Rules for New Leadership

June 17th, 2012

I was taken by this riff that I checked out last week (check with your parents first – contains salty language and grown up material):

We’re just not in love anymore. We’re done and finally letting the donkey and the elephant know that they don’t love, inspire, work for, or motivate us. We’re down for the cause, but put off by the old political ways.

What is leadership now and where do we find it? Is leadership the right word anymore?

Is it about the start-up: funding small, driven groups of people with projects and causes that are personal and personality-based; a collaborative focus on specific ideas; putting stock in folks skillful at dealing with chaos? Do we understand the importance of mission, vision, and values in moving the crowd any better than the folks on the Hill and in the Big House?

For the educated set, should they keep learning about the old organizational development stuff or how to market – or, instead think harder about how we come together, learn, and send collective messages for the change we want to see and the change we know we need.

Is crowdsourced funding and product buys the way we show our faith – the new and only way to vote? Is the Web enough?

The new reality might be that we finally understand that we can be more powerful than the body of people to claim to rep us. But, a movement can’t happen if everybody steps out in front but no one is in charge.

Ready for some new leadership?

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  • Had a great conversation with one of my teachers about this when I was writing my college essays back in the fall….if our generation wants to change America, then we need to start becoming more active in American politics instead of just sitting on the sidelines and saying “Wow, something’s wrong here….”

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