Coffee and Conversation: Let Me Have One Last Sip

You got next?

I started with a simple vision: a weekly meet up with a little conversation on the side. You took it to a new level. Coffee & Conversation has become a gathering point for passions – a place where the ideas and causes you believe in can get a little air and loving criticism.

It’s time for me to get off the floor.

It belongs to you – it was never mine. I’m stepping off but I’ll keep the coffee flowing and the plates of good cookies until the end of the semester. You’re up! Take Coffee & Convo and make it what you need to be.

Jam Session 2.0 from Cain Mosni on Vimeo.

Let me get one last sip – a little unsolicited advice.

  • It’s about the meet up, music, and purpose – keep a little bit each week.
  • Breaks are not wasted time.
  • Silence is the beginning of thought.
  • Connect, for real, outside of the room with people and culture – it will make you more interesting.
  • Move! National works best. Global is better.
  • Have a question session. An afternoon where – if you’re in the room and you want to play – you can only speak with questions.
  • Pay attention to the rhythm, the rebel.
  • It’s lyrical.
  • Topic suggestions: obligation; Iran; heroes and sheroes; the stuff we cannot talk about; evil; and, peace.
  • Protect the soft voices.
  • The vibe gets more play than the facts – it’s what we remember.
  • Walk away from your conversations without being angry at the other folks.
  • Respect each other.
  • I’ll jump in on future convos about love.

May all your convos be funky!


PS – of course I got to drop a quick playlist

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