Coffee & Conversation: Riffs from Other Spaces

May 4th, 2011

You should have been there! The coffee and the convo was hot during the last three Coffee and Conversation gatherings – they were like jam sessions.  We had the smooth-me-sway-me-play-your-ish music party; a visit from the good folk at the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and MTV Ignite; and, an impromptu and heartfelt conversation about expression in the post-bin Laden world. All I can say is: dopeness!


More dopeness. Check out Adam Engel’s follow up riff, Adding Some Shuga to Coffee and Conversation, from the BU Culture Shock blog.


Even more dopeness. My mom called to let me know WBUR and NPR covered your impromptu #buconvo.

Keep the convo going.


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  • “Coffee and Conversation” – this words duet, from the first sight, reminds me the words ”
    Coffee and Cigarettes” by Kim Jarmusch.
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