Inserting Tables

To add a table, click the table button (pictured below). 

The "Insert/Modify table" window will appear.insert/moidfy table

Choose the number of columns and rows that you'd like, then click "Insert". A table will appear in the "Lesson text" box. You can now fill this table with whatever content you'd like. The student will be able to edit any cells that you leave blank, and he/she will not be able to edit any cells that are already filled in. When you save your lesson, empty cells will be filled with text like "[cell:15]". This is normal and indicates where the student's input should be stored within the application.

Once you've added content to the table, the next step is to mark row and column headers. To do this, first drag your cursor across the cells that you'd like to use as column headers. These cells will be highlighted in blue. Next, click the "Table cell properties" button (shown below).

A popup window will apppear. In this window, change "Cell type" to "Header" as shown below, then click "Update".


Tip: On some browsers, dragging to select cells may not work properly. If you encounter problems, you can also highlight cells by clicking the first cell in the header, then holding shift and clicking on the last cell.

Now, your column headers should appear in large, bold text.

example table

Follow the same steps to create row headers.


Coloring Table Cells

You can also mark rows, columns, or individual cells with a certain color. To do this, highlight the cells that you'd like to change, then click the "Cell properties" button. In the window that appears, click the drop-down menu next to "Class" and choose a color, then click "Update".

general properties