Want to learn more about educational technologies and their impact on higher education?

Boston University’s Council on Educational Technology and Learning Innovation (CETLI) maintains an excellent page of resources. BU’s Educational Technology blog is also a good way to keep in touch with local University efforts.

Want to keep up with the latest news articles on digital learning?

MIT’s Office of Digital Learning maintains a regularly updated digest of related news articles.

Want to read a summary of what has been written about MOOCs so far?

The Maturing of the MOOC is the most comprehensive literature review of Massive Open Online Courses and other forms of online distance learning to date.

Want to stay current with new developments in this exciting space?

One of the best sources of daily news and commentaries is the Chronicle of Higher Education. In particular, see their section on Online Learning. Related articles appear frequently in most major newspapers.

Delve into research on the pedagogy of MOOCs through edx.org.

Want to learn more about how we produce MOOCs at BU?

Take a closer look at How We Produce MOOCs at BU.

Questions about the DLI, BUx, or MOOCs in general?

Find answers on our frequently asked questions page.