Open Access Week 2018: Adding More Parts to the Sum

Open Access Week 2018 Banner

Open access work can be exhausting. For one thing, it’s a form of social justice work, which is always tiring. Also, though: open access work in higher education is the work of culture change. That takes a long time. Sometimes we go a long while without any explicit evidence of improvement.

Crowd Cafe graphic formatted for social mediaSo we keep ourselves going by doing projects that feel real in the moment. Crowd Cafe feels real. Once a month we come together, with our colleagues from Boston College and whoever else decides to join us, and each contribute to crowdsourced projects of our choosing. At the end of two hours, we leave feeling that we’ve thrown our tiny pail’s worth into the sea.

It’s satisfying work, taking a couple of hours to dig into primary resources and make them more computable somehow. Are you curious? Join us in person or online on the third Friday of every month; next time we’ll meet is November 16th. No commitment implied by your showing up; we’ll be happy to talk even if that’s all you want to do. Wish you could jump in, but don’t know where to start? We can help. Join us.

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