Mise En Scene & ASL Interpreted Theatre Workshop

presented by

Staff Interpreter

Christopher S. Robinson

Staff Interpreter, Boston University

Saturday, May 14, 2011 9am – 4pm

“For the theater artist or technician it is more important to know what makes the clock tick than what time it is. And you can’t begin to find a play’s meaning until you comprehend its works.”
-David Ball, Backwards & Forwards: A Technical Manual for Reading Plays

Mise-en-scène, or “placing on the stage,” is said to describe design elements of a theatre or film production.  Often ASL interpreters work in isolation from a production’s design staff and the decisions that may influence interpretation formation.   This workshop session will train participants to use technical script analysis and system theory to optimize translation and rehearsal time, identify and describe the roles of theatre production/administration staff  and their responsibilities as they relate to the ASL interpreting team. This session will also describe ways that an interpreting team can work collaboratively within the production and administrative staff’s system.

*System Theory is a dynamic analysis method used by businesses and organizations to develop brand identity (character), discern how a product is used and why (motivation), and to assess consumer opinion and impact (cultural relevance).

Registration Fee is $30

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Required  text book:  Backwards & Forwards:  A Technical Manual for Reading Plays is available for online purchase through Amazon or at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Where: 19 Deerfield Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room,  Boston, MA.

Getting to BU — This is a great comprehensive page on getting here.

Parking – Saturday:  Metered, street parking until 6pm or lots. 4 hour meter spaces on Bay State Road. 121 Bay State Road has Dollar bills-to-quarters change machine.

Who: This workshop is open to ASL Coaches and ASL Interpreters who wish to develop or refine their approach to the translation process for ASL Interpreted Theatre.  Limited to 12 participants.   Presented in ASL

Questions: If you have any questions regarding this workshop or registration, please email Stacey D’Onofrio.

MassRID is an approved RID sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies program is offered at the Some content level for 0.600 CEUs.

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