Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

In the video above, David Guardino, coach of the BU Fencing Club, along with his ASL interpreter and a fencer, discusses the challenges and benefits of being Deaf in the sport.

Read the story on BU Today. En Garde! Fencing Club’s David Guardino

Boston University provides  d/Deaf or hard of hearing students with ASL Interpreters and CART services for academic and non-academic purposes.  Academic purposes include, but are not limited to classroom lectures, course related discussions and academic based internships. Non-academic purposes may include, but are not limited to student activities and programming,  sports and athletic involvement and special events on the BU campus.

It is important that students submit a Request for Services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at the first available opportunity. Some requests may require review, therefore may require additional time. There are limited numbers of service providers available and a high demand for this service throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Requests that are placed with minimal notice may result in either no services or partial services. Please plan accordingly.