Programs of Interest

Deaf Studies Program (major, minor)
The Deaf Studies Program affords students the opportunity to develop insight into and genuine appreciation for the culture, contributions, and contemporary issues of Deaf people in the United States and Canada. The coursework provides information on the historical and cultural background of the Deaf community with particular emphasis on the perspective of Deaf people enculturated in a hearing society.

Special Education Program
The Special Education Program prepares students for careers with individuals having disabilities: as teachers in public or private schools; in agencies at local, state, and federal levels; in group homes and day and residential facilities; as family workers and career educators for students with disabilities; as recreation specialists; as administrators and supervisors in special education; and as teachers and researchers in college and university settings.

American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project (ASLLRP)
American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project (ASLLRP) includes investigation of the syntactic structure of ASL and development of multimedia tools to facilitate access to and analysis of primary data for sign language research. Each of these projects is currently funded by the National Science Foundation.