Interpreter and CART Provider FAQ

ODS-DHHS Office: Boston University, 19 Deerfield Street, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA

ODS DHHS Staff Contact Information:

JO Welch
DHHS, Coordinator

BUCIE, Director

617-353-6882 V 617-448-2076 Text (for urgent matters) 617-857-366-4208 VP

Christopher S. Robinson
BU Staff Interpreter
617-353-5961 V
617-857-366-4209 VP

Stacey D’Onofrio
BU DHHS Assistant



1. Getting Started:

Contact the Coordinator, for the Interpreter Profile.

*CART profile- TBA

2. How is Rate Determined?

Contact the Coordinator, for the Rate intake sheet.

3. What is the Billing process?

Billing Process*

Need to submit an invoice and w-9? Email

Wanda Velez-Jusino, Payroll Coordinator for billing issues

Direct Deposit Process

4. Do I need a BU ID card?

We encourage all Interpreters and CART Providers to get an BU ID. The ID/email allows access to Blackboard that is used to share syllabi, readings and additional materials for classes. It also allows for access to specific buildings, web access, and has discounts associated with it. Contact by Sept. 7th to get your letters.

5. Navigating the BU class, building and school codes.

BU Abbreviations and Codes

Interactive Map

Course Information using course numbers

6. BU Academic Calendar

Academic Calendars for all schools

7. Getting to, from and around BU- Charles River Campus

Comprehensive link for getting to BU

Contact the Coordinator, if you are interested in getting a parking pass, you will need both a current ID/email and to let me know.  To find out what the rates are for parking, please refer to the following link:

BU Parking Pass Types and Rates

8. EMERGENCY Information:

SCHOOL CLOSINGS:If there is a snowstorm or other conditions that may cause you to wonder if BU is open, call 617-353-SNOW.