New Students

Welcome to BU!

Congratulations on your acceptance! What a wonderful accomplishment!

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) provides academic accommodations to qualified students with disabilities. Here is what you need to know to get started! Three easy steps!

First Please populate the online Intake Form.

Second Make an appointment for an intake with one of our Staff Members by calling 617-353-3658 or emailing

Third Bring your documentation to the meeting, or feel free to fax it (617-353-9646) ahead of time.

Important things to note

• We have specific documentation guidelines and forms based on each disability category.

• We often need a clinical summary, this is a letter from your doctor or psychiatrist that discusses your disability history, and how your symptoms currently affect your academic life, suggestions for your current accommodation needs and prognosis.

• TIMELINE: It’s important to know that once you are approved, it can take up to three weeks to set up services. We need to have accommodations approved by your Academic Dean and have letters written for each of your professors. This can be time-consuming and cannot be rushed, so the earlier you get started, the sooner services will be set up for you.

• We set up accommodations on a case-by-case basis, individualized to each student and their CURRENT needs. Your services might look very different than in your previous school, the process is likely different. Learn more about transitioning to college with a disability.

• To receive accommodations, your documentation must demonstrate a current significant need.