Books and Prep Material

Books and Prep Material

Prior to each semester, ODS will reach out to professors to obtain prep materials.  This may include: Blackboard access, syllabi, books, and ensuring videos are captioned.

Graduate level work

Interpreters are paid one hour per week of prep for each academic 4-credit class. Prep is rarely provided to CART providers and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis for complex courses.

Undergraduate work

Interpreters are paid one hour per week of prep for each academic 3- or 4-credit class. For some lower-level courses, we ask interpreters to use their discretion to determine if prep is needed.  For example, courses like  ASL 1, creative writing, First Year Seminar would likely not require prep.  If you feel prep is not needed, please let us know.


For large-scale events, one hour of prep is typically provided. Prep for performance interpreting will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


You will be contacted by ODS when your books for classes are ready to be picked up.

A Google Drive folder of prep materials is maintained by ODS. Providers will be given access to these folders. The link will be provided to you once you are confirmed for the course.


Professors are asked to provide a list of all media being used.  ODS will work with instructors to ensure videos and movies are captioned.  There may be times when a short video is not captioned and you might be asked to interpret it. Please work directly with the instructor(s) and student(s) to determine the most appropriate access in these situations, and be in touch with ODS if we can support you in any way.

Book Return

Providers are responsible for returning books to ODS by the last day of each semester.  We will send you a return book reminder.  The bookstore charges late and non return fees so please try to be timely.  Providers will be charged a fee for books returned late.  Providers will need to pay the price of the book for texts not returned.

Blackboard and internet

Providers will be given access to Blackboard Learn and other online learning management systems for their ongoing courses. Subs will likely not have access.

  • During onboarding, providers will be set up with a BU email address and Kerberos (BU) password.  This BU email address will be used to give you access to Blackboard.
  • With your BU email address, you also get access to BU’s campus internet. Connect by clicking BU (802.1x) and log in with your Kerberos username and password.

Interns & Mentees

Please be advised that if you have an intern or mentee, they are not necessarily permitted to shadow your assignments. This must first be approved by ODS, any direct consumers of interpreting services, as well as the interpreting team. Contact for more information.

Parking Permits

Unfortunately, our office does not cover the cost of parking for independent contractors working on campus. If you are interested in acquiring a permit, Parking & Transportation Services needs notification from our office that you are authorized to receive a permit. For more information regarding specific rates, please visit the BU Parking and Transportation page at If you call the office at (617) 353-2160, be sure to inform them you are working as a provider for BU ODS.


  • Providers interesting in using a parking permit for the Charles River and Medical Campuses qualify for the Green Permit.  (Permit colors may vary based on campus)
  • The Green Permit can be purchased on a semester-by-semester basis.
  • A Red Permit has no associated up-front costs, but allows drivers to park in selected lots and garages on campus at a set cost per day on the East and West Campuses. There are some exceptions depending on the length of your stay:
  • East Campus pay-on-entry lots charge per half hour with a maximum rate.
  • West Campus pay-on-entry lots charge per half hour at Langsam Garage and per hour at the Arena, both with a maximum charge.
  • The Langsam Garage charges a set pay-on-entry rate after 3pm.

Obtaining a Terrier Card

For security purposes and to gain access to some buildings on the Charles River Campus and the Medical Campus, you may need BU Vendor Identification Cards, a.k.a. “Terrier Cards.” ODS will provide you with a verification letter.


The Terrier Card Office distributes BU IDs. They are located in the basement of the George Sherman Union in at 775 Commonwealth Avenue. Please understand there are significant rushes at the beginning of the semester for picking up Terrier Cards. For information regarding the hours of operation, please visit

Snow & Emergencies

When BU is closed for inclement weather, providers for ongoing classes are canceled and will be paid. Interpreters booked for non-class assignments (e.g. events, meetings, residential life, etc.) are not necessarily canceled and should check directly with the requestor and/or Deaf individual(s) to find out whether or not they’re still needed. Email addresses for requesters can be found in GridCheck.  If you’re booked for something that is still happening despite the campus being closed and you cannot safely get there, please email details of the assignment to immediately so we can work to find you a replacement.


Please note the Boston University Medical Campus has a ‘no close’ policy and remains open during emergency closings. If the Medical Campus chooses to close, a separate announcement will be broadcasted.


You may call 617-353-SNOW (617-353-7669) to hear a recorded message regarding the closing or delayed opening of Boston University.


Would you like to sign up for the BU Emergency Alert System? *The emergency alert system will notify you by email and/or text message in the event of any significant emergency on campus. To sign up, please update your emergency contact information for the BU Emergency Alert System on the BUworks Central Portal.


Boston University Academic Calendar

The Boston University Academic Calendar can be found at  Please note: many of our professional schools publish their own calendars that might differ from the main University calendar, so we ask that you refer to their specific pages for additional details. Boston University observes most major holidays.