Psychological Disabilities

Many students experience challenging psychological issues in college. Sometimes students come to college with past psychological histories and sometimes they develop problems during their college career. Our office offers many resources to support you during difficult times, and can recommend academic accommodations if appropriate. Although we do not provide mental health counseling, we will gladly refer you to the appropriate campus resources. We work closely with a number of offices, including the University Service Center, Psychological Services Center, Behavioral Medicine, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Educational Resource Center, Academic Advising offices, and Residential Life.

Required documentation for academic accommodations includes a student-completed Request for Accommodation, and both a doctor-completed Disability Verification Form and a detailed clinical summary describing the nature, severity, duration, and academic functional limitations.

Should you qualify for accommodations, a letter will be written and delivered to the dean of your school in order to ensure that the recommended accommodations do not conflict with or alter the ‘fundamental requirements’ of your course and/or program. The letter does not address the nature of your disability, as that information is kept between you and Disability & Access Services.

Strategic Education Services (SES) offers individualized support and services to assist students with psychological disabilities and help them achieve their educational goals.  We are available to support students who are struggling with executive functioning, and we encourage students to seek us out.  We also offer support to motivate students needing to improve their self-advocacy skills regarding issues such as contacting professors about missed classes and make-up work.