Evaluators of Students with Disabilities

Disability & Access Services (DAS) provides academic accommodations and services to students with physical disabilities, blindness & low vision, as well as those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Students seeking accommodations must provide appropriate medical documentation of their disability so that DAS can

  1. determine the student’s eligibility for accommodations; and
  2. if the student is eligible, determine appropriate academic accommodations.

To verify the disability and its severity, DAS requires a letter from the student’s physician, as well as complete answers to the following questions. This documentation should specify the medical diagnosis, and include appropriate medical reports, relevant medical history, and any other medical records or data that would be useful to us in providing appropriate accommodations and services.

The documentation, in general, must be no more than one year old, although in certain cases more recent documentation may be required. The documentation should indicate accommodations that are recommended, along with explanations as to why these accommodations are useful for this particular student. This material will be kept confidential and will be utilized only to determine the student’s eligibility for accommodation or services, and the type of accommodations or level of service required.