Academic Accommodations

Disability & Access Services arranges for academic accommodations for students with disabilities. Such accommodations may include the use of a notetaker, laboratory assistance, course materials in alternative formats, reduced course load, or possibly examination-related accommodations such as extended time or a distraction-reduced environment. Further, we provide reasonable accommodations and modifications in compliance with University policies and procedures by providing:

  • Auxiliary aids and services
  • Access to accessible and fully integrated University Housing
  • Special dietary accommodations through Dining Services
  • Career development, personal counseling, study skills and tutoring, and academic support available through the Dean of Students Office
  • Access to the staff at Disability & Access Services for consultation on developing self-advocacy skills, organizing and managing accommodations, and developing a support system.

As the needs of students with disabilities vary, accommodations are provided on an individual, case-by-case basis. Students seeking academic accommodations should contact Disability & Access Services for information regarding documentation and the procedure for requesting accommodations.

Procedure to Request Academic Accommodations

There are three easy steps.

First: Fill out the preferred online Request for Accommodations (online RAF)

Second: Make an appointment for an intake with one of our Staff Members by calling 617-353-3658. Deaf or hard-of-hearing persons may email us at

Third: Upload your disability documentation to the online RAF Accommodate portal or bring your documentation to the meeting or send it in advance by fax to 617.353.9646 or by an email file attachment to

Disability Documentation

To request accommodations, you must provide current documentation of your disability.

1) Please download one or more of the applicable forms below and have your provider fill them out:


    1. Learning Disability Verification Form
    2. ADHD Disability Verification Form
    3. Psychiatric Disability Verification Form (including anxiety)
    4. Medical Disability Verification Form
    5. Disability Verification Form for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)
    6. Visual Impairment Disability Verification Form
    7. Temporary Disability Verification Form
    8. Food-related medical conditions Disability Verification Form

    2) Please upload to your  Accommodate profile (preferred method) OR send  them in through one of the following methods:


    Fax: 617.353.9646

    Postal Service:

    Before September 21, 2018

    Disability & Access Services
    19 Deerfield 2nd Floor
    Boston, MA. 02215

    After September 21, 2018

    Disability & Access Services
    25 Buick street 3rd Floor
    Boston, MA. 02215

    We cannot approve accommodations without current documentation that demonstrates a significant need.