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THATCamp: Libraries and Web 2.0

June 27th, 2009 in DigiLib BLog 2 comments

From Digital Humanities 09 to THATCamp, or The Humanities And Technology Camp. It’s an unconference: we (well, Jeremy Boggs, to whom profound thanks) came up with the schedule first thing in the morning. It’s a bare-bones event which apparently cost about $3500 to put on, and has about 100 participants. And we have everything we need — coffee, food, and rooms with projection. And smart people around the table. Note to self: a fairly large [un]conference is possible without a $100k investment, as long as someone (or five someones) is willing to put in a lot of organizational work.

The first breakout session I’m attending is, as will be obvious from the title, is Libraries and Web 2.0. People attending include “straight-up” librarians, digital humanists, a programmer at NCSA even. Let’s see if I can capture what we talk about.


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