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DH09 Tuesday, session 4: collaboration, XML geekDOM, collaborative modeling

June 23rd, 2009 in DigiLib BLog 0 comments

Oooh, late to the Julia Flanders talk, “Dissent and Collaboration.” I’ll do what I can.

We have an implicit contract with future scholars, who need to know how we did what we did.

Is there a conduit through which collaborative negotiation can take place? There’s data itself, potentially a schema for the data; hopefully documentation of both; and an implicit agreement (social contract) to use a common language, and to use it according to its accepted usage.

These agreements, in a human world where scholarly expression has a high value and standards are still being developed, aren’t enough to ensure perfect collaboration. So what we need is not a common language but a common mechanism for the creation of such a language. TEI provides this: it’s a mechanism not for collaboration but for the creation of a common language.


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DH09 Tuesday, session 3: Use Cases Driving the Tool Development in the MONK Project

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MONK Project is “a digital environment designed to help humanities scholars discover and analyze patterns in the texts they study. The MONK project has been generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, from 2007-2009. All code produced by the project is open source. MONK has a publicly available instance with texts contributed by Indiana University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Virginia, and Martin Mueller at Northwestern University.” So now you have context.


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DH09 Tuesday, session 2: Supporting the Digital Humanities: Putting the Jigsaw Together

June 23rd, 2009 in DigiLib BLog 1 comment

[OK, not putting information copied from slides in quotes: no time. Thank you, panelists, for concise wording in your slides! If you want specific attribution, let me know.]

The big questions to be addressed by the panelists, as Martin Wynne proposes in his introductory remarks:

1. What specific problems have you identified, and how are you seeking to address them?
2. What services, if any, will you provide?
3. How might you link with other related initiatives?
4. What are the further elements of the jigsaw puzzle which are needed to create a coordinated and more complete research infrastructure?

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DH09 Tuesday, session 1: Preserving Virtual Worlds: Models & Community

June 23rd, 2009 in DigiLib BLog, Preservation 2 comments

[Again, live blogging with all its pitfalls and disclaimers. I almost certainly won’t get most or all of the live discussion, in particular; if you remember the Q&As, please put those in comments.]

This panel is put on by members of the Preserving Virtual Worlds project, a multi-institutional collaboration “funded by the Preserving Creative America initiative under the National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program (NDIIPP) administered by the Library of Congress.” (quoted from the PVW site) More

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DH09: opening plenary by Lev Manovich

June 22nd, 2009 in DigiLib BLog 1 comment

I’m in College Park, MD, at Digital Humanities 09, the annual international digital humanities conference put on by the Alliance for Digital Humanities Organizations. It’s my home conference; I first attended it in 2001, and have been in love with this crowd ever since. It’s the most fantastically supportive bunch of people I’ve found in academe. More: this year’s conference is hosted by the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and the mood so far is downright festive.


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