Shakespeare Quarterly and Media Commons unveil “open review” experiement

in Peer Review, Scholarly Communication
October 14th, 2010

Shakespeare Quarterly is one of the most recent scholarly journals to begin experimenting with new models for peer review…

For Shakespeare critics and scholars, among the most significant consequences of media change will be transformations in how we communicate with each other about our work and publish new research. In keeping with the topic of its special issue, 61:4, “Shakespeare and New Media,” Shakespeare Quarterly conducted an experiment in open peer review, for this issue, which ran from 1o March to 5 May 2010…..

The Process: After the initial editorial evaluation, authors were invited to opt into the open review process. The essays of those who opted in were posted here for public commentary and feedback by the journal’s readers. Authors have been invited to respond to this feedback in revision, before submitting their revised essays for final selection. The publication decision was based on the revised essays. (Declining the open review and opting for a traditional review would not negatively affect the selection process — it simply established a different review path.) For further details see “About” and FAQs.

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