Upcoming Twitter talk; some resources

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February 16th, 2009

(Edit 23Feb09: I’m adding more resources and pointing people back here, as promised at the talk.)

This coming Wednesday at 11am I’ll be giving a talk about the popular microblogging software Twitter. Please join us if you’re interested; we’ll be in the Administrative Conference Room at the Mugar Memorial Library. I’m gearing the presentation to librarians, but the overall themes—what Twitter is, what kinds of information flow through it as a medium, how people use it from both the authoring and receiving points of view—are widely applicable.

As with any exciting, widely used new technology, there are many more things to talk about than can be covered in an hour’s discussion. Below are links to some resources both about and by Twitter users that I’ve found useful and engaging. I will supplement this post with more pointers once the presentation takes its final shape, and probably again following the discussion.

A few articles:

And a few Twitter feeds librarians might find interesting:

Lastly, here’s a peek at Twitter’s beginnings as stat.us. Oh, and a pointer to ping.fm, which allows you to update many social networking sites at once.

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