Rhetty-to-Go Flu Meals

In order to ensure students with flu-like symptoms remain properly fed and hydrated, we are offering Flu Meals and Rhetty-To-Go Meals that can be ordered online and picked up by your Flu Buddy.  For more information about the Flu Buddy, just scroll down this page.

Early Stages of Flu

If you are in the early stages and you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, we suggest that you order the Flu Meal. This meal consists of foods that are easily tolerated when you are ill including items like bananas, rice, applesauce, soup, crackers, toast, tea, and yogurt. In an effort to help you remain hydrated, Flu Meals will also include bottles of water and Gatorade.

If you have questions please visit   Student Health Services website

Once you are able to select food items from our daily menu, you may choose to order one of our Rhetty-To-Go Meals (below).

Flu Meals and Rhetty-To-Go Meals are available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any residence dining hall. To place an order, complete the online order form below. Be sure to fill out the online form completely and include the name and telephone number of the Flu Buddy who will be picking up your meal.

You may use your Dining Plan Meals, Dining Points, or Convenience Points for payment.

Please Note: If you do not have a Flu Buddy, you can contact your Residence Life Hall Area Office and they will ask your Resident Assistant to help you identify a Flu Buddy

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What is a Flu Buddy?

If a friend comes down with the flu, it is important that they avoid contact with others.  Flu Buddies bring the outside in.  They take food, cough drops, tissues, assignments, movies, mail, etc. to friends that should avoid contact with the outside world.flubuddy

If you would like to help, please consider becoming a Flu Buddy!

BU Wellness staff, interns, and Student Health Ambassadors will be out around BU spreading the word about the Flu Buddy.


How to Avoid the Flu as a Flu Buddy

ALWAYS wash your hands before, during, and after visits.

Wear a mask during deliveries & visits.

*Masks are available for free at BU Student Health Services if needed.*

Avoid touching your face before, during, and after visits.

Cough and sneeze into your sleeve, not your hands.