Rize is a full-service café unique to Boston University. Designed in a bright pallet of color, the café features an open-floor plan that allows you to see freely across the room and into the bakery. Open weekdays from early in the morning until late afternoon, the menu features foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The perfect place to stop on your way to class, all of our packaging materials have been selected for ease-of-use. The items are also low-impact on the environment; everything is compostable.

Dawn in bakery

Specialty Cakes from Rize make an excellent gift for students birthdays, exam time or the end of the year.  Custom cakes can be ordered online during the academic year. Click on the link above to fill out the order form. Choose the type of cake and frosting then choose the message you would like. You can also add custom chocolate flowers or designs. You can pay online with a credit card or make arrangements to pay in person using cash, credit card or Convenience Points. Make this one an extra special birthday by coordinating with roommates and friends for a custom birthday cake surprise.