Boston University Cheeseology

The newest degree program is Boston University Cheeseology… it offers an opportunity to study the most classic of comfort foods, Grilled Cheese and Mac & Cheese. On the menu you’ll find traditional course offerings like, Intro to Grilled Cheese with 5 slices of American cheese or the Intro to Mac & Cheese with American cheese and a crispy panko topping. Our Chefs are ready to provide you an enhanced cheese education; we offer daily specials in both Advanced Grilled Cheese and Advanced Mac & Cheese. Almost as good as an independent study, Grilled Cheese-onomics lets you create your own Grilled Cheese thesis! For those who can’t have grilled cheese without tomato soup, please refer to your course guide and select Tomato Soup 101 to complete your study of Boston University Cheeseology!