Rhetty-to-Go Kosher Meals

Rhetty-to-Go bagged meals are made available for lunch or dinner at Fresh Fuel at Granby Commons. To place an order, complete the online order form no later than 8 p.m. on the night before you need your meal. Be sure to fill out the online form completely to ensure that your meal will be prepared exactly as you would like it.

Feel free to place your order for a Rhetty-to-Go Kosher meal well in advance. If you choose to do so for a number of meals, please complete the online order for each meal you would like prepared.

You may use either your Dining Plan Meals or Dining Points for payment. Please keep in mind that if you are using Dining Plan Meals, you cannot order an amount of Rhetty-to-Go Kosher Meals that would exceed the amount of meals given to you for that week. If you had the 9-Plus Plan, for instance, you cannot order more than 9 Rhetty-to-Go Kosher Meals in the same week.

When placing your order(s), please bear in mind that certain days feature Dairy-only meals while others feature Meat-only meals. Menu items marked as Pareve (P), however, will be served on both Dairy and Meat days. No exceptions will be made.