Gluten Free Information

Gluten Free Station

Located at Marciano Commons and The Fresh Food Company at West Campus, these stations operate daily at lunch and dinner and offer a variety of fresh-made entrees prepared without gluten-containing ingredients. ***Warren Towers does not have a dedicated full service station, but the staff will be more than willing to make any  accommodations for students that are looking for Gluten Free items.

  • These stations have their own prep areas with separate utensils to handle meals.
  • In addition, the Gluten-Free Station at Marciano Commons has its own isolated gluten-free kitchen to minimize the risk of cross contact.
  • Servers at this station are trained to avoid cross contact and receive additional gluten-free training each fall and spring.
  • These stations are available to all students who have access to the dining hall.


Gluten Free Pantry

Located at Marciano Commons and The Fresh Food Company at West Campus, these pantries offer students a number of packaged gluten-free options.

  • These units are locked in order to regulate use and prevent cross contact with gluten containing items.  Students are granted swipe access with their BU ID card after attending a training session with a Sargent Choice Nutrition Center Registered Dietitian and signing a contract acknowledging the guidelines for use of the space.  In order to schedule a training session, please contact The Sargent Choice Nutrition Center at 617-353-2721 or
  • At Warren Towers you will find a small refrigerator near the Deli section that carries Gluten Free items.

Gluten Free elsewhere on campus

The George Sherman Union has Gluten Free products available as do most City Convenience stores on campus carrying items such as Frozen Gluten Free meals.


Additional Accommodations

Students with multiple restrictions and students who are not adequately serviced by the options above may require special meal accommodations.  These arrangements can be addressed by working with the management team at your dining hall. Food Service Directors at each residential dining location are available to

  • Meet one-on-one with students to evaluate individual needs
  • Coordinate meetings with chefs to discuss specific menu items and ingredients
  • Establish working relationships with culinary team members to better customize meal options