Food Allergies

BU Dining Services takes food allergies very seriously. We want to help all students with food allergies manage their diets, eat safely, and feel comfortable with the foods we serve.
To make sure we handle food properly and prevent cross-contact, we employ a full-time food safety director who trains our entire staff. In our residence dining halls, we do not cook with peanut oil or serve any tree nuts. Peanut butter is available at the bread/toast stations, but you can request bread that’s been stored separately if you’re concerned about contamination.

Should you have any questions about ingredients or allergy information, we encourage you to contact the Food Service Director at your dining location.

You can also schedule a personal counseling appointment with the BU Sargent Choice Nutrition Center, which works closely with Dining Services. Call 617-353-2721 for more information

Additional Accommodations

Students with multiple restrictions and students who are not adequately serviced by the options above may require special meal accommodations.  These arrangements can be addressed by working with the management team at your dining hall. Food Service Directors at each residential dining location are available to

  • Meet one-on-one with students to evaluate individual needs
  • Coordinate meetings with chefs to discuss specific menu items and ingredients
  • Establish working relationships with culinary team members to better customize meal options