Recycling and Compost

Waste Diversion

  • We partner with Save That Stuff to recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, fryer oil and food waste.
  • Almost all disposable products used across campus are compostable, made out of materials such as corn, potatoes, and recycled milk cartons.
  • We have implemented post-consumer composting at all residential dining halls, the GSU, Buick St. Market, Breadwinners and Starbucks at QuestromBU Pub, Hillel, Rize and Late Nite Café.
  • Coffee grounds are composted at all Starbucks locations, Dunkin’ Donuts, Law School Cafe, the GSU, and residential dining halls.
  • Zero Waste events are implemented at all staffed events on campus.  Click here to learn more about our Zero Waste events and pickup option through Catering on the Charles and Charlie to Go.
  • In 2015 at the GSU, the percentage of waste diverted from the landfill was 75%.  This is the result of post-consumer composting, recycling and compostable to-go containers used at the Union Food Court.

Waste Reduction

  • Dining Services offers a $0.25 discount on all hot beverages served on campus when using your reusable mug.
  • Reusable to go containers are available at the GSU Union Food Court as an alternative to disposable to-go containers.  A $0.25 discount is given off your meal each time you use the container.
  • Across campus, we have implemented an internal food waste tracking, auditing and reduction system. We also host events throughout the year to encourage the reduction of post-consumer food waste in the dining halls.
  • Reusable totes are used for delivery of food by our suppliers, replacing cardboard boxes when possible.