Make A Difference Monday

What is Make a Difference Monday?  It’s a day that we celebrate sustainable food by showcasing foods with a lower carbon footprint that are good for both you and the environment.  That translates to:  local, seasonal fruits and vegetables, humanely-raised proteins, Fair Trade and organic coffee, sustainable seafood and more.   Use this day to commit to the environment by eating food that can lower our carbon footprint and learn how you can do this every day by checking out our commitment to serving sustainable, wholesome food everyday.   Make a healthier choice for yourself and the environment.

Press: Food Management Magazine

Environmental Benefits of Make a Difference Monday

  • Support Local- why?
    • It tastes better!
    • It’s fresher!
    • It lowers your carbon footprint by reducing miles traveled
    • Helps preserve open space in New England
    • Supports the local economy
    • Reduce your carbon footprint by eating a more plant-based diet
      • The meat industry generates nearly on fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions that are accelerating climate change worldwide[1]. Plant-based diets are the most sustainable diets; try reducing your meat consumption.
      • Minimize water usage
        • 1800-2500 gallons of water go into a single pound of beef[2]
        • Help reduce fossil fuel dependence
          • On average, 40 calories of fossil fuel energy go into every calorie of feed lot beef[3]

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Sample menu:


Check out the organic tofu scramble, turkey bacon, whole wheat pumpkin pancakes, Maine shredded potatoes and maple-glazed turkey patties and….

the cage-free egg sandwich, Cabot cheddar cheese on a whole wheat English muffin.

Sargent Choice whole wheat french toast or pancakes


Sargent Choice turkey and brown rice

Parsnip, apple and leek soup (parsnips- Sugarhill Farm- Whatley, MA)

Caprese Pizza- fresh tomato, mozzarella, basil (tomatoes- Backyard Farms- Madison, ME)

Sargent Choice buffalo chicken pizza

Fish and Chips (Marine Stewardship Council Certified Flounder)

Sargent Choice Vegetable lasagna with organic spinach

Roasted squash and beet risotto with fresh sage (squash- Pioneer Valley Growers’ Association- Pioneer Valley, MA)

Roast turkey sandwich on ciabatta with corn relish, VT goat cheese and red pepper spread, marinated vegetable salad with tomatoes (tomatoes-Backyard Farms- Madison, ME)

New England fish cakes, roasted beets, baked beans and tartar sauce (Marine Stewardship Council Certified Flounder)

Sargent Choice vegan sloppy joe with sweet potato puffs

Greek Salad

Sargent Choice Tuscan tuna wrap, chickpea salad

Warm apple and cranberry crisp with vanilla ice cream (apples- JP Sullivan, Ayer, MA, cranberries- Oceanspray- Plymouth County, MA)


Sargent Choice chicken tomato basil soup

Parsnip, apple and leek soup (parsnips- Sugarhill Farm- Whatley, MA)

Caprese Pizza- fresh tomato, mozzarella, basil (tomatoes- Backyard Farms- Madison, ME)

Sargent Choice buffalo chicken pizza

Mussels Provencale (mussels- farmed, Prince Edward Island, CA)

BBQ Chicken sandwich

Macaroni & cheese with three cheese sauce featuring Cabot cheddar (Cabot, VT)

Coconut citrus chicken lo mein

Rosemary and garlic studded chicken, acorn squash, roasted beets (acorn squash- Pioneer Valley Growers Association- Pioneer Valley, MA) (beets- Sugar Hill Farm- Victor, NY)

Mesquite grilled turkey tenderloin, spicy potato kale ragout (potatoes- Maine Potato Coop)

Chopped shrimp salad with mustard dressing and red cabbage

Stuffed buttercup squash- vegetable and cranberry quinoa (Buttercup squash- Pioneer Valley Growers Association-Pioneer Valley, MA, cranberries- OceanSpray- Plymouth County, MA)- vegan

Sargent Choice Tuscan tuna wrap with chickpea salad

Pumpkin mousse