DevCom can help you with all aspects of a video project, from script writing and on-camera interviews to hiring a videographer and overseeing the editing process.

Our department is also compiling a library of footage that can be edited into new DAR videos and an archive of existing videos that can be reused in new contexts. We will add freestanding videos to the Staff Hub as they become available.

BUniverse, the University’s online video archive, is another useful source for video content. We can help you embed BUniverse videos into your web-based communication, or to obtain DVDs from Marketing & Communications for events and presentations.

View an example of our video work below:

Planned Giving web video

Making Our Own Momentum is a two-minute video that DevCom developed in collaboration with Planned Giving and freelance videographer Roy Doolittle. It was embedded in personalized micro-websites as part of a planned giving solicitation.

Watch this video on YouTube