DevCom offers a range of services and tools related to proposals, depending on the size of gift sought:

  • If you need a proposal for a gift of $1 million or more, DevCom can write the text (or edit a draft, if you prefer) and lightly design the document, including any photos, renderings, or other graphics that will help make your case. We can also provide supporting documents—such as building renderings featuring the prospect’s name or Power Point presentations to accompany the printed proposal—and packaging appropriate to the gift amount, prospect, and mode of delivery.
  • If your proposal is for less than $1 million, we can still help. Visit the Staff Hub to find examples of letters of intent, proposals, and gift agreements (written by DevCom and your DAR colleagues) that you can download and use as models for your own proposals. We will add new samples as they become available, as well as boilerplate copy about the University and general guidelines for proposal writers.

If you have proposals or related documents that you’d be willing to share with your colleagues, please email them to a member of the DevCom team. The Staff Hub is password-protected and accessible only to members of the DAR team. All of your prospect’s identifying information will be scrubbed from the proposal before we post it online.