Lost and Found Policy

  • Items found in an open area of 100 East Newton Street
    • During business hours, please bring to the Student Affairs Office (G-305)
    • After hours, bring to Public Safety Officer in lobby
  • Items found in SLC
    • During business hours, bring to faculty member on site
    • They will bring it to Faculty Room for safekeeping during the session
    • After the session is completed, they will bring it to the Public Safety Officer on the first floor of 650 Albany Street
  • Items found in all other buildings on campus
    • Please bring to Public Safety Officer on duty
    • After item is turned over to Public Safety Officer, they will bring it to Public Safety headquarters at 850 Harrison Ave. A lost and found tag will be issued, along with an Incident ID number (including time and building the item was found in).

Any person who believes they may have lost an item can contact Public Safety at 8-4444 (from an on-campus phone) or 617-638-4444 (from off campus) to inquire.

If you have any additional questions please contact the Student Affairs Office by email at sdmosa@bu.edu or by phone at extension 8-4790 (from an on-campus phone) or 617-638-4790 (from off campus).