GSDM Computing Policy

In addition to Boston University’s Conditions of Use and Policy on Computing Ethics, Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) expects individuals using School and University computing services to follow the following guidelines:

Computing Equipment and Facilities at GSDM. Computing equipment, facilities, and the physical and wireless networks are for the use of students, faculty, and staff. This equipment, which is owned by the School, must display the standard Windows backgrounds at all times. Screensavers and software not provided by the School may not be downloaded or installed (e.g., Kazaa and Morpheus, etc.). In addition, no faculty, staff, students, or residents are to install computer- or network-related equipment without consulting the Office of the Dean.

Computer Lab (G-707) Usage. All members of GSDM will have to use their Kerberos account to log in to computers in the G-707 Fredkin Computer Center.

Listservs at GSDM. Listservs are to be used to broadcast School- and University-related business only. This is limited to messages sent from the administration and School-endorsed organizations. It is not a mechanism for non-School related discussion, religious announcements, chain letters, commercial endorsements, or advertisements.

Web Page Access at GSDM. Students, residents, faculty, and staff may not post their personal web pages via the School server. Web page posting is for the exclusive use of School-related business.

Wireless Access. Wireless technology is to be used for School-related business only. The purpose of providing wireless access is to facilitate students’ access to their email and School-related Internet and Intranet sites.

GSDM reserves the right to revoke the computing privileges and/or discipline any individual using the computing equipment, listservs, web pages, or wireless access in violation of this policy.

Policy revised January 2006