Post-doctoral Programs Orientation Checklist

What You Should Do Before Orientation:

For International students (including Canadian students):

After You Receive Specific Instructions and Materials, You Should:

  • Submit final transcripts
    • Please submit to the Admissions Office an official final transcript that includes all semesters of study and a statement of the degree awarded
    • Make sure you request that your prior school produces the transcript following your graduation
    • If the final official transcript does not include a statement of the degree awarded, also submit a photocopy of your diploma
    • Most international students submit a final transcript and a photocopy of the diploma during the application process; it is not necessary to send duplicates of these materials if no changes have been made in the record
    • For post-doctoral students, if you have not already done so, please submit your original dental school transcript and diploma copy, in addition to the official ECE or WES transcript evaluation (for international students)

CPR Certification

  • All post-doctoral students are required to take a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) class during Orientation.
  • Each post-doctoral program will be assigned to a specific evening session.
  • Please note that CPR training is mandatory for all students, regardless of past certification.