After Graduation

Medical Insurance

If you are enrolled in the University’s insurance plan through Aetna, your insurance will end August 31, 2013. Please visit, or contact a representative at 800-966-7772 should you have any questions. If you are staying in MA, visit to look for individual coverage plan options.

If you do not finish your program by this date, you need to contact the Office of the Registrar (B-305) to discuss your situation.

Disability Insurance After Graduation

(DMD and Advanced Standing students only)

All registered student are automatically enrolled in a disability insurance plan through the University. This plan offers you the right to maintain coverage upon completion of your dental program under exceptional terms.

Your group long-term disability insurance is portable. At the completion of your dental training, covered students are eligible to convert to an individual, guaranteed renewable contract with up to $2,000 monthly benefit without medical underwriting. This policy has a specialty specific definition of disability for the entire benefit period and is subject to financial underwriting. To continue your insurance, you must contact InsMed Insurance Agency, Inc. by telephone at 800-214-7039. Be sure to apply for the conversion and pay the premium for the coverage before 30 days past your date of graduation.

Fourth-year students have the opportunity to apply for a supplemental individual non-cancelable policy that allows students to increase coverage in the future without additional medical underwriting. Total amount of deferred coverage can be as much as $12,300 per month. This additional policy does require medical and financial underwriting.

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Email and Email Forwarding

Your email will continue to work from one to three months after your graduation date. After your graduation date, you can request to have email forwarding for life at or you must go to the Charles River Campus IS&T office (111 Cummington Street) or the School of Medicine computer lab Alumni Medical Library to request email forwarding.

Computer lab address:
Learning Resources Center (Computing)
72 East Concord Street, 11th Floor
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617-638-5433

Grades through SPS

Your Kerberos password will continue to work for one to three months after your graduation date. You can continue to access your final grades during that period.