Licensing Board Exams

BUSDM offers the CDCA (NERB), WREB and the NDEB (Canadian) licensing exams. Please refer to the appropriate licensing exam agency’s website for dates.

While candidates will be supplied instruments and materials currently in use at GSDM, candidates should plan to bring all necessary material and sterilized instruments for the clinical portion of the examinations.

Some examples of what you need to bring include:

  • All handpieces

Note: Our units are equipped with the following connections:

  • For Slow Speed Motor:  Standard Midwest 4 hole screw on connector.
  • For High Speed Handpiece: Midwest Fiber Optic Quick Connect Hose. You need to bring a M/W Connector for H/P:  Part No.380354
  • For a 2nd High Speed Handpiece: We use a Six Pin Fiber Optic Hose: You need to bring a Six Pin Coupler for the Type of H/P you plan on using or if you are using
  • A Standard 5 Hole- F.O.H/P, you need to bring a: W&H Coupler # 02752500.
  • Cavitron / Ultrasonic Cleaners and Tips (actual Cavitron unit can be provided by BUGSDM)
  • Liners and bases
  • Rubber dam punch – clamp, frames etc.
  • All Endodontic instruments and supplies including one complete set of 25 mm films and reamers, heat source.

Please note that all candidates challenging one of the exams at GSDM must have all of their instruments processed in Central Sterilization prior to leaving the exam site.

In addition, it is BUSDM policy that all candidates and assistants have up-to-date Infection Prevention & Control Training.

Please further note that the following fees are charged to non-Boston University candidates: $175 clinic use fee (for candidates taking restorative and/or perio), and $125 manikin rental fee (for dental candidates challenging the fixed or endo portion of the exam). Total for candidates challenging the entire exam is $300.

Orientation is generally at 5 p.m. in room 301 on the Friday immediately prior to the exam.  For example, the orientation is on Friday, August 1, 2014 for the August 2 and 3, 2014, exam. A clinic tour for non-BU candidates begins in the 5th floor patient waiting area at 3 p.m. on the day of the orientation.

With any other questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Bruce Robinson at 617-638-5266 or