Job Search Links

Determining your next steps? Consult with GSDM Career Resources regarding your goals. Consider also visiting the following resources for an overview of the industry:

Searching for jobs online?

Visit Boston University Dental Career Network (BUDCN)

BUDCN is our unique job-board system, allowing employers to post positions tailored to current students, residents, fellows, and alumni of GSDM.

Students may use BUDCN as:

  • An updated job-board system customized for their needs.
  • An integral tool for our GSDM career communication and students’ potential job leads.

Alumni can sign up as job seekers or employers for BUDCN to:

  • Share job opportunities with current GSDM students and residents as an employer.
  • Review available job openings as a potential job seeker.

Employers can register to:

  • Post Dentist/Dental Associate positions.
  • Review applicant submissions.

If you have any questions on BUDCN, please feel free to follow up with GSDM Career Resources at or 617-638-4720.

Additionally, feel free to peruse general dental career databases, including but not limited to those below: