Program Overview

Recent progress in biomedical sciences has emphasized the importance of research in understanding the diverse causes of oral health problems. To prepare dental students for the rapidly increasing demands of the dental profession, GSDM incorporates student research training into the curriculum. Administered through the Pre-doctoral Research Committee, research may be carried out as an elective for credit or as an extracurricular activity. The goal of the program is to introduce students to cutting-edge multidisciplinary approaches for gaining new knowledge related to oral medicine. The areas in which training takes place include biomedical science, clinical science, and public health research.

Application Deadline
Apex Year I research rotation   (May 26–July 17, 2015) January 5, 2015
IREC1   (May 26–July 17, 2015) February 1, 2015
IREC2 and IREC3   Academic Year 2 & 3 Ongoing

For more information: please see the Student Research Handbook.