Serge Dibart

Serge Dibart

Chair of Periodontology, Director of the Advanced Specialty Education Program in Periodontics at GSDM, Professor, Department of Periodontology

  • Office

    100 East Newton Street
    Boston, MA 02118 USA

  • Phone617-638-4762
  • Education

    DDS, Aix-Marseilles University, School of Dental Medicine
    DMD, Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Research Interests

  1. In situ identification of bacteria in gingival epithelial cells using antibody and DNA probe technology.
  2. Measurement of IgG subclass levels in the serum and gingival crevicular fluid of patients with periodontal diseases and correlation with disease activity.
  3. Investigation of the microbiota of patients with Down syndrome and immune responses within serum and gingival crevicular fluid using DNA probe technology and “Checkerboard immunoblotting”.
  4. Microbial and Immunohistochemical findings in radicular dentin, cementum and pulp of human teeth with advanced periodontitis.
  5. Microbial and histological evaluation of root surfaces treated with scaling and root planing plus topical Doxycycline Hyclate 10%
  6. Bacterial colonization of the implant/abutment interface


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Recent Grants

2010- Satelec, Acteon
Molecular mechanism of Piezocision
$ 30,000
P.i.: Dr. S. Dibart

2009 – Straumann
Bacterial seal of the bone level implant
$ 38, 640
P.i.: Dr. S. Dibart

2008 – Satelec, Acteon
Piezosurgery Study“Biology of Piezo Surgery Induced Selective Alveolar Corticotomy and Tooth Movement”
$ 21,000
P.i.: Dr. S. Dibart

2005 – Bicon Dental Implants
Radiographic evaluation of the short Bicon implant
$ 7,000 Total Costs
P.i: Dr. S. Dibart, co-investigator: Dr. Caterina Venuleo

2006 – Bicon Dental Implants
Evaluation of the periodontal status around the IAC
$ 7,000 Total Costs
P.i: Dr. S. Dibart, co-investigator: Dr. Karen Cheng

2006 – Exactech
Evaluation of the Pericardium as an allograft for root coverage procedures
$ 3,500
P.i: Dr. S. Dibart, co-investigator: Dr. Bassam Al-Jamous/Ulrike Spate 2006

2006 – Bicon Dental Implants
Evaluation of periodontal parameters around short implants
$ 7,000
P.i.: Dr. S. Dibart, co-investigator: Dr. Laurent Darbois

2006 – Bicon Dental Implants
A prospective, double blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial of Vit D3 vs placebo in sinus lift procedures
$ 18,910
P.i. Dr. S. Dibart, co-investigator: Dr. Thomas Dietrich

2007 – Colgate Palmolive
Dentinal Hypersensitivity study
$ 100,000
P.i.: Dr. S. Dibart

2007 – Colgate Palmolive
Dentinal Hypersensitivity Study
$ 120,000
P.i.: Dr. S. Dibart