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Salomon Amar

Salomon Amar

Professor, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
Director, Center for Anti-inflammatory Therapeutics
Professor, Department of Periodontology

  • Office

    650 Albany Street
    Boston, MA 02118 USA

  • Emailsamar@bu.edu
  • Phone617-638-4445
  • Education

    DDS, MS, PhD, Universite Louis Pasteur (France)
    CAGS, Eastman Dental Center, Rochester, NY

Research Goals

Cytokines and Periodontal Diseases. In inflammatory processes (Periodontal Disease), the over-expression of cytokines (IL-1; TNF) is extremely detrimental for the host. Our approach to reduce deleterious effects associated with the over-expression of these cytokines consisted in identifying molecular factors controlling cytokine gene expression in inflammatory processes and particularly in gingivitis and in periodontitis. Recently, we have cloned a novel transcription factor capable of repressing significantly TNF gene expression.

Wound Healing and Periodontal Regeneration. My group has been interested in the identification and characterization of cells and extracellular matrix macromolecules involved in periodontal wound healing. Particularly, our effort has focused on the identification of critical factors involved in driving periodontal wounds into the regeneration of periodontal structures after periodontal diseases.


Tang X, Fenton MJ, Amar S Identification and functional characterization of a novel binding site on TNF-alpha promoter Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Apr 1;100(7):4096-101.

Han X, Bolcato AL, Amar S. Identification of genes differentially expressed in cultured human osteoblasts versus human fibroblasts by DNA microarray analysis. Connect Tissue Res. 2002;43(1):63-75.

Han X, Amar S Identification of genes differentially expressed in cultured human periodontal ligament fibroblasts vs. human gingival fibroblasts by DNA microarray analysis. J Dent Res. 2002 Jun;81(6):399-405.

Li L, Khansari A, Shapira L, Graves DT, Amar S. Contribution of interleukin-11 and prostaglandin(s) in lipopolysaccharide-induced bone resorption in vivo. Infect Immun. 2002 Jul;70(7):3915-22.

Li L, Messas E, Batista EL Jr, Levine RA, Amar S. Porphyromonas gingivalis infection accelerates the progression of atherosclerosis in a heterozygous apolipoprotein E-deficient murine model. Circulation. 2002 Feb 19;105(7):861-7.

Amar S, Oyaisu K, Li L, and Van Dyke T (2001). Moesin: A Potential LPS Receptor on Human Monocytes. J. Endotoxin Res. 7(4):281-6

Graves DT, Nooh N, Gillen T, Davey M, Patel S, Cottrell D, and Amar S <ONLINE> (2001) IL-1 Plays a Critical Role in Oral, but not Dermal, Wound Healing. J. Immuno. 167(9):5316-20.

Delima, A. J., Oates, T., Assuma, R., Schwartz, Z., Cochran, D., Amar, S. and Graves, D. T. <ONLINE> (2001) Soluble antagonists to interleukin-1 (IL-1) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibits loss of tissue attachment in experimental periodontitis. J. Clin. Periodontol. 28(3):233-40.

Chie, L., Amar, S., Kung, H. F., Lin, M. C., Chen, H., Chung, D. L., Adler, V., Ronai, Z., Friedman, F. K., Robinson, R. C., Kovac, C., Brandt-Rauf, P. W., Yamaizumi, Z., Michl, J. and Pincus, M. R <ONLINE>. (2000) Induction of oocyte maturation by jun-N-terminal kinase (JNK) on the oncogenic ras-p21 pathway is dependent on the raf-MEK signal transduction pathway. Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol. 45(6):441-9.

Chiang, C. Y., Kyritsis, G., Graves, D. T. and Amar, S. <ONLINE> (1999) Interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor activities partially account for calvarial bone resorption induced by local injection of lipopolysaccharide. Infect. Immun. 67(8):4231-6.

Recent Grants

The Role of the Inflammatory Process in Periodontal Wound Healing. NIDR/NIH R01 DE 11265-01

Modulation of Molecular Pathogenesis in systemic Diseases NIDR/NIH P01 DE13191

Procter & Gamble: Characterization of Periodontal Progenitor Cells

Boston University Community Technology Fund: Technology Development Award Generation of a LITAF-deficient mouse

Pending Grant

Role of LITAF in Inflammatory Diseases NIDR/NIH R01 DE 10709-06

Research Programs
Center for Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutics
Molecular & Cell Biology and Periodontology