Laisheng Chou

Laisheng Chou

Professor and Director, Division of Oral Medicine

  • Office

    650 Albany Street
    Boston, MA 02118 USA

  • Phone617-638-5598
  • Education

    Dental Degree, Shanghai No. 2 Medical University
    Diploma in Oral Pathology, University of California, San Francisco
    Diploma in Oral Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
    PhD, University of British Columbia

Research Interests

Molecular biocompatibility of implant biomaterials

Tissue engineering and clinical applications

HIV infection in oral mucosal Langerhans cells

Oral cancer

Didactic Teaching

Course Director for DMD-III/AS-I course “Oral Medicine” (SDM OD531)

Course Director for Graduate Course “Advanced Biomaterials” (SDM PR830)

Program Director for DMD-III Oral Medicine Clinical Training

Graduate Students Supervised as Primary Advisor

Maha Linjawi, D.ScD./CAGS (2011-  )

Heba Al-Gatami, D.Sc.D./CAGS (2008-  )

Adriana Baiz, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2010-  )

Reza Yasini, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2010-  )

Marci Mazzuca, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2009-  )

Adela Agolli, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2009-  )

Rayan Kafri, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2008-2011)

Diana Paczesny, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2007-2010)

Ali Salehpour, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2007-2010)

Jan Otiz, D.Sc.D./CAGS (2007-2011)

Sudha Chinta, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2006-2009)

Ramzi Sarkis, M.Sc.D (2005-2007)

Ashkan Samadzadeh, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2005-2008)

Anne-Marie Barussaud, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2005-2008)

Marie Gosselin, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2004-2007)

John Bhambra, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2004-2007)

Esther Tam, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2003-2006)

Alan Tang, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2003-2006)

Gabriela Marquez, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2003-2006)

Bancha Samruajbenjakun, D.Sc.D./CAGS (2003-2008)

Amir Mehrabi, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2002-2005)

Farah Abbassi, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2002-2005)

Greg Ellis, M.Sc.D./CAGS (2000-2003)

Ming dih Jeng, D.Sc.D./CAGS (1999-2005)

Niloufar Khoobehi, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1999-2002)

Saleh Al-Bazie, D.Sc.D./CAGS (1994-2001)

Mana Jamali, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1998-2001)

Lakshim Thalanki, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1998-2001)

Patrick Anhoury, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1997-2000)

Iman Saad Labib, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1998-2000)

Ya-yi Chen, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1998-2000)

Motaz A. Ghulman, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1997-1999)

Kyung-hwa Lyu, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1997-1999)

Thomas V. McClammy, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1996-1999)

Sally K. AL-Yousef, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1996-1999)

Prinda Lertpitayakun, M.Sc.D./CAGS (1994-1997)


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