Alessandro Villa

Assistant Professor, Department of General Dentistry

  • Office

    100 E. Newton St.
    Boston, MA 02118

  • Phone617-638-4554
  • Education

    DDS, University of Milano, Italy
    MPH, AT Still University, MO
    PhD, University of Sassari, Italy
    Post-doctoral Fellow, National Cancer Institute, NIH – Bethesda, MD
    Research-Fellow: Harvard School of Dental Medicine – Boston, MA
    Resident in Oral Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Boston, MA

Dr. Alessandro Villa obtained a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS) from the University of Milano, and a PhD from the University of Sassari, Italy. He obtained his Master of Public Health from AT Still University, MO and his Certificate in Oral Medicine from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, MA. Dr. Villa has contributed to the literature with numerous journal articles and book chapters. He is a peer reviewer for several professional journals. His clinical interest includes treatment of oral mucosal diseases, salivary gland disorders, oral complications from cancer therapy and orofacial pain management.


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