Oral medicine is a clinical discipline within dentistry that encompasses the following services:

Diagnosis and medical management of diseases of the mouth, such as ulcerative and vesiculobullous diseases, red and white lesions of the mucosa, pigmentations of the oral tissue, benign tumors and cancer/precancer of the oral cavity, salivary gland disease, and diseases of the tongue.

Diagnosis and treatment of oral manifestations of patients with complicating systemic disease, such as diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, renal disease, hematologic disease, bleeding and clotting disorders, immunologic diseases, endocrine disease and dysfunction, diabetes, neuromuscular diseases, and sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections.

Special Instructions for New Patients

If a patient belongs to an HMO or PPO or other insurance that requires authorization before seeing a specialist, please obtain the authorization before appearing for your visit, even if your dentist is referring you. Patients with recent X-rays, medical records, and lab reports should bring them to their appointment.


To arrange an oral medicine consultation for one of your patients, please call 617-638-4350.