Adding Nitrous Oxide to Your Practice

Thursday September 4 – Friday September 5, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

16 CEUs


This is a hands-on course. *Limited attendance course

This is a hands-on course and textbook and short pre-test will be mailed to all par­ticipants prior to the course.

This two-day course is designed specifically to introduce the art of sedation to the dental practitioner and staff. A compre­hensive review of inhalation, oral, and parental sedation tech­niques, with emphasis on the use of nitrous oxide sedation, will be provided. Material presented in this course will lay the basic framework for enabling the participants to satisfy licensure requirements of the Massachusetts State Dental Board for use of nitrous oxide in the dental office.

Day one includes an introduction to pain and anxiety control in dentistry, review of pharmacological agents and techniques, and information on nitrous oxide sedation, including: patient evaluation, risk assessment, armamentarium and monitoring equipment, technique, abuse potential, occupational hazards, and complication management. Day two includes hands-on clinical training sessions in nitrous oxide sedation and observ­ing and assisting clinical cases with combination sedation.

Dr. Richard D’Innocenzo
Dr. Steven J. Bookless