Predictably Successful Endodontics

  1. Root of the problem
  2. Schilder Warm Gutta Percha Vertical Compaction Technique

This is a hands-on course. Limited attendance.

Instructor: Donald C. Yu, DMD, MScD

FRIDAY, 11/3

This lecture course is a prerequisite of the Saturday hands-on course.


With its multimedia approach, this course teaches dentists to make consistently accurate diagnoses. Experience new breakthroughs in: applying a modern, sensible rationale for successful endodontics; pathogenesis of pulpal and periradicular diseases; simplified accurate precise endodontic diagnosis; and effective and productive emergency treatment.

Course Objectives:

  • Schilderian Rationale for Endodontics – the triad of success
  • How to perform all pulp tests and understand interpretations
  • Simplified and practical clinical diagnosis of the pulpal and periradicular diseases
  • Pathogenesis of the sequential pulpal degeneration
  • The “blood and sweat” of endodontics: painless and profound anesthesia, pre-treatment, simplified rubber dam, access opening, and effective emergency management of pain, cleaning & shaping, 3-D vertical compaction of warm gutta percha


This is a hands-on course.


This multimedia course will teach you to feel, fill, and thrill accessory canals. The course will cover micro CT on a real apex; root canal anatomy; radiographic techniques; filling accessory canals and dentinal tubules with gutta-percha and the gutta-percha/dentinal wall interface; effective passive sequential serial filling and reaming with envelope of motion to achieve the “look”; understand radiographic terminus, working length, maintaining apical patency by finger instruments; slide and slip calcified, double curve canals, and avoiding ledges using 10 tricks and copious irrigant system; 5 mechanical and 5 biological objectives; the Schilder warm gutta-percha vertical compaction technique with emphasis on accessory canals and hermetically sealing the portals of exit of the root canal system; how to downpack and backpack using the thermal profile and hysdrostatic/hydraulic pressure of viscous sealer; underextension, overextension, underfill, overfill, and coronal versus apical leakage; one versus multiple-visit endodontics; factor X affecting success rate; and how to achieve excellence in endodontics and maintain a profitable income.  The course will answer questions about sealer, Thermafil, irrigation systems, coronal leakage. The participants’ cases will be reviewed and critiqued.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn straight line access opening
  • Passive and yet effective cleaning and shaping
  • Learn Schilder warm gutta-percha technique
  • Understand Micro CT on root canal anatomy, radiographic techniques, effective and painless anesthetic technique, access opening, cleaning and shaping, and 3D packing

Teaching Method: Lecture and participation

Recommended for: General dentists and specialists


“Many thanks to Dr. Yu and the staff for opening a new, interesting, and useful approach to dentistry!” – Participant, October 2015

“Such an amazing course – wish it was three days.” – Participant, October 2014

Additional Information:

Participants will need two anterior teeth, two premolars, and two molars; high speed handpieces for FG #2, 4 round bur, and taper diamond bur; bur changers; low speed handpieces for Gates-Glidden drills #s 2, 3, and 4; and magnifying loupes and light.

Breakfast, lunch and free parking will be provided on both days.

Dates Friday, November 3, 2017

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Time 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (both days)
Price $1,400
CEUs 14

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