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Admissions Process

Q: How do I apply?

A: Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) uses AADSAS (Associated American Dental Schools Application Service), the national DMD online application offered by ADEA (American Dental Education Association, All Boston University GSDM DMD applications must apply through AADSAS. The AADSAS application is available at the beginning of June of the year prior to enrollment.

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: Applicants who are completing a Bachelor’s degree or already have a Bachelor’s Degree from the United States or Canada are eligible to apply for our program. All prerequisites and degrees must be completed prior to matriculation.

Q: What is required to apply?

A: A complete application though AADSAS, which includes the DAT (Dental Admissions Test score), three letters of recommendation and your official transcripts. Additionally, applicants must submit a supplemental application and supplemental application fee to our office when requested by the Admissions Coordinator.

Q: What is the application deadline?

A: Our application deadline is December 1.

Q: I graduated a few years ago, am I still eligible to apply?

A: Yes, we encourage you to apply, but please keep the following in mind: We do not have an expiration date for prerequisite courses; however, it is strongly recommended that if you have been out of school for two years or more that you enroll in some upper level biomedical courses such as Biochemistry or Anatomy. Enrolling in and completing a science-based Master’s Degree program has proven beneficial to applicants who graduated more than 2 years ago.

Q: When should I apply for the DMD program?

A: It is recommended that applicants apply early on in the admissions cycle, which begins in early June of the year prior to enrollment. Applicants who are still completing their undergraduate degree should apply during the summer prior to their final year of college.

Q: Do you require SAT or GRE scores?

A: No, the only test that we require is the DAT.

Q: Can I fax my DAT scores to the office?

A: No, unofficial copies of the DAT will not be accepted and faxed score reports will be disposed of. Submission of the DAT score report must be through official channels.

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Requirements and Information

Q: Do you have any informational brochures to send me?

A: As we have gone paperless, all of our information regarding the DMD program at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine can be found on our website. Please visit

Q: Do you accept transfers?

A: We do not offer a transfer program at this time. If you are currently in a DMD/DDS program and wish to study at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine you must apply through AADSAS as an entering first year student.

Q: How many out-of-state applicants do you accept?

A: Boston University is a private institution and we do not need to meet a quota of in-state versus out-of-state applicants. We will review all applications and invite for interview based on merit.

Q: Will Community College Courses or AP credits satisfy the prerequisite requirements?

A: Up to 30 credits of community college work will be accepted as general coursework, but community college coursework cannot be applied to the science prerequisites (biology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics).

Advanced Placement (AP) credits that have been accepted by your college toward the bachelor’s degree will be accepted for English and Math prerequisites. AP credit is not accepted toward the science prerequisites: upper-level science courses can be used to fulfill that requirement.

Q: When should I send my application fee?

A: The supplemental application fee will be requested once we have received your AADSAS application. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application, which will include a link to complete the supplemental application and pay the fee online using a credit or debit card. If you cannot pay the fee online please respond to the email to request a form to complete the supplemental application and remit payment via check.

Q: Do you provide fee waivers?

A. Yes, a fee waiver can be granted if an applicant provides documented proof of need. This can be in the form of the following: a forwarded email from AADSAS if you received FAP, a letter from your institution’s Financial Aid Office, or contact us with any other possible documents. Once a fee waiver has been granted the supplemental application will be sent via a Word document to be completed and sent back. Please do not request a fee waiver until after we have received your AADSAS application.

Q: What are the academic prerequisites?

A: In conjunction with a completed Bachelor’s Degree, applicants must complete the following prerequisites prior to matriculation: Biology (12 credits), Inorganic or General Chemistry (8 credits), Organic Chemistry (8 credits), Physics (8 credits), English or Composition (8 credits), Mathematics (8 credits). Please review the prerequisite courses section of our website for a more detailed description.

Q: Are there GPA and DAT score cutoffs?

A: We do not have GPA or DAT cutoffs. All applicants are encouraged to apply. The Admissions Committee will review all applications. In the past few application cycles we have found that our most competitive applicants generally had GPAs of 3.3 or above, overall and in science, as well as DAT scores of 18 or above in each section. Please note, this is not a minimum requirement and is expected to change from year to year.

Q: Is there a supplemental application?

A: Yes, a supplemental application is required for a complete application. Once the Admissions office receives an AADSAS application, an email confirmation will be sent. In that email there will be instructions and a link to complete the supplemental application and to pay the supplemental application fee. Please remit the supplemental application and fee within two weeks after receiving the confirmation email.

Q: When is the final date to turn in all supplemental materials?

A: All supplemental materials that an applicant wishes to have reviewed should be submitted to AADSAS or directly to the Admissions office before the deadline on December 1.

Q: What documents do I need to send to the office?

A: None. All documents should be sent to AADSAS, unless you have taken the Canadian DAT, in which case your official score report should be sent to Admissions.

Q: How do I include updates in my file after submitting my application through AADSAS?

A: Any updated grades* or planned courses can be included in your application. You should send the information as you would input it into AADSAS (i.e.: Prefix, Course name, credit hours, school name, etc.). If you have started a new program, work, shadow experience, etc. please send the information with the same detail as you would enter into the AADSAS application. Any changes in address, email, information on your application, etc. can be sent to our office via email.

*Please also update grades through AADSAS during the Academic Update period that opens in November.

Q: How many letters of recommendation do I need? Who should they be from?

A: Please submit all recommendation letters through AADSAS. Three letters (or one committee letter) are required by Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. AADSAS will include up to four scanned reference letters as part of your electronic file. The Admissions Committee values letters from persons who are able to provide a thoughtful, thorough, and candid assessment of an applicant’s academic ability and potential for success in dental study.

  • We require two evaluations from science faculty and one letter of recommendation from a dentist mentor, if you have dental shadowing experience.
  • If your college or university has a pre-dental or pre-health advisory committee, its composite or committee evaluation is requested. The committee evaluation fulfills the letters of recommendation requirement.

We can accept up to five letters total, so in addition to the four submitted to AADSAS, a fifth official hard copy letter can be sent directly to our office, Attention DMD Admissions. See our address here:

Q: How many spots are available in the class?

A: We have 115 seats available for the DMD program.

Q: What is the student to faculty ratio?

A: In the clinic setting the student to faculty ratio is typically 8:1.

Q: How many applications do you get?

A: We have received over 4,500 applications during recent admissions cycles.

Q: Do you require a criminal background check?

A: Yes. A criminal background check is required for all entering students. Admitted applicants receive notification and the individual initiates his or her background check.

Q: Do you offer a Dental Hygiene program?

A: No, BU GSDM does not offer a Dental Hygiene program. Our program offerings can be found on our website.

Our Continuing Education department offers a variety of classes and programs that may be of interest. Inquiries for any of their offerings can be sent to or phone 617-638-5656.

Q: I am in high school and want to be a dentist. Is there a program for me?

A: Boston University offers The Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Dental Education Program where students spend three years on Charles River Campus of Boston University in the College of Arts and Sciences and then move to the Boston University Medical Campus to begin the DMD program. After the successful completion of the DMD1 year, the Bachelor’s Degree is awarded; the student earns the DMD at the completion of the four-year dental program. This is a highly competitive program open only to applicants who have not started college. For information regarding the accelerated program visit their website or call the Undergraduate Admissions office at 617-353-2300 and mention the Seven-Year Dental track program.

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International and Canadian Applicants

Q: Do you accept international students?

A: International students are welcome to apply if they have completed or are currently completing a Bachelor’s Degree from the United States or Canada. Applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree from outside the U.S. and Canada are not eligible for acceptance into the DMD program.

Q: Do you accept the Canadian DAT?

A: Yes, the Canadian DAT is accepted. Applicants should report their test scores on the AADSAS application and have official scores mailed from the CDA to the Admissions Office, Attention DMD Admissions.

Q: Do you require the TOEFL?

A: No, the TOEFL is not required for DMD applicants; the only test that is required at the time of application is the DAT.

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Visiting and Interviews

Q: Can I schedule a tour of the facilities or a meeting with an Admissions advisor to go over my materials?

A: Tours and meetings are by invitation only. We are happy to answer any questions you may have via phone: 617-638-4787 or email.

Q: Do you have any Open Houses or Prospective Student events?

A: We do not hold any Open Houses or Prospective Student events. All of our information can be found on our website and can be answered by an Admissions Representative via phone: 617-638-4787 or email.

Q: When will I hear from you? When are interviews?

A: You will receive notification when your application has been received. Further communication will come once a change has been made to your status. Interviews are conducted October through March. All communication, including interview invitations and final decisions, is through email. We have an ongoing admissions cycle so you could hear from our office at any point.

Q: How long after my interview will I find out if I was accepted?

A: The general turnaround for a decision is between four and six weeks after an interview has been conducted. No acceptance decisions are released before December 1, per AADSAS regulations.

Q: What is my status? When will I hear from the School?

A: We update the AADSAS portal weekly, and applicants can check their status via the portal. Please do not call or email with a status inquiry, as we are unable to provide individual status updates.

We email the supplemental application after we receive your AADSAS application; you will also receive an email confirming receipt of the supplemental application and fee.

If you have yet to hear from us, your file is still under review. We will email you with an interview invitation or official decision letter once the Admissions Committee has reached a decision on your application. We have an ongoing cycle; therefore, applicants will hear from us about decisions anytime between December 1 and the start of the program.

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Who should I contact if…?

Problems with AADSAS application: Contact the AADSAS application services directly. Contact information can be found on their website.

Updated information, not able to update through AADSAS: Contact the Admissions Office directly via email or phone 617-638-4787.