Center for Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutics


To develop new knowledge from inflammation research in health science and related fields for use in improving human health to be translated into new anti-inflammatory therapeutics. Essential to this mission is the integration of basic research, translation research, and clinical and health services research, along with associated educational programs in order for new discoveries to be fostered and their diffusion into practice promoted.


Successful achievements will have to include in the future the development of highly specialized research and teaching programs.

  1. Steadily increase funding support
  2. Evaluate partners and develop collaborations between research units and apply for multidisciplinary grants (BRP)
  3. Develop highly specialized research programs (i.e., nanogenetics; nanoproteomics molecular radiology; molecular dentistry)
  4. Non-invasive approaches to treat diseases (i.e., non-invasive oral cancer therapies, non-surgical approaches to treat periodontal diseases).


Salomon Amar, DMD, PhD, Director & Professor
Xiaoren Tang, PhD, Research Assistant Professor

Laboratory Staff

Rohit Gupte, PhD, Research Fellow
Huaiping Yuan, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate
Jian You, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate
Yu Yang, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate
Alison Farquhar, Laboratory Technician
Marina Burkatovskaya, Laboratory Technician
Yeah Hyang (Maira) Park, Laboratory Technician

Administrative Staff

LaKeisha M. Gandy, MBA, Grant and Research Manager
Allen Crane, Administrative Assistant