Laboratories and Instruments

The Division of Biomaterials occupies more than 12,000 square feet of office and lab space in the Gilmore/Vines Building at the Boston University Medical Center. Numerous research instruments and equipment are available in various laboratories outlined below. Most of our instruments can be made available to qualified research personnel from outside organizations, provided that there is no interference with ongoing BU Biomaterials projects. For hourly rates and additional details, please contact:

  • Name: Ron L’Herault
  • Designation: Laboratory Supervisor
  • Address: 801 Albany Street, Boston, MA 02118
  • Phone: 617-638-5647
  • Fax: 617-638-5591
  • Email: Ron L’Herault

The Molecular Biocompatibility Laboratory contains a PCR machine, -86° C freezer, -20° C freezer, 4° C refrigerator, ultrapurication system, high speed centrifuge, autoclave, low speed shaker, water bath, UV transilluminator, video micrometer & microscope, analytical balance, electrophoretic gel system, Biorad power supply, mini vertical and horizontal electrophorectic systems, photo-documentation system, digitized optical scanner, viewbox, block heater, touch mixer, UV light, pressure blotter, slot-blot apparatus, pressure control station, pH meter, vacuum dessicator, membrane transfer tray, water storage tank, magnetic stirrer, hotplate, reflected-light differential interference contrast microscope, bright light microscope, and electronic cell counter.

The Tissue Culture Laboratory has a Class IIA/B3 biological safety cabinet, tissue culture inverted microscope, tissue culture centrifuge, liquid nitrogen dewer, and CO2-controlled incubator.

The Biohazard/Radioactive Laboratory has a radioisotopic shield bench, cryostat, Geiger counter, ultrasonic bath, block heater, touch mixer, analytical balance, magnetic stirrer, and hot plate. Emergency back-up power supply is available to all mission critical laboratory equipment.

The Ceramics Processing Laboratory contains various mills, presses, numerous electronically controlled furnaces, grinders, polishers, sectioning saws, incubators, lathes, trimmers, titanium casting furnace, precious and non-precious metal casting machines, sandblasters, ultrasonic probe, and analytical balances.

The Characterization Laboratory contains various transmission and reflectance optical microscopes, colorimeter, microhardness tester, pH meter/ion analyzer, 2- & 3-body wear tester, video micrometer, ceramic hydrolysis apparatus, thermocycling machine,analytical balances, strain gauge indicator, and an Instron mechanical testing unit.

The Resin Infusion Laboratory is a dedicated cold room with precise temperature and humidity control. Relevant equipment includes infusion pumps and chambers.

The Structural and Surface Analysis Laboratory has a scanning electron microscope, profilometer, sputter coater, and an optical microscope.

The Computerized Dentistry Laboratory houses a Cerec II CAD-CAM machines, Celay copy-milling machine, and a CAD workstation.

The Tooling Laboratory contains a computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine, drill press, milling machine, air abrasion units, casting machines, gypsum trimmers, and an argon-back filled infra-red soldering machine, etc.